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Revision History

When you purchase an Audio Caller ID license you receive free upgrades for 1 year from the date of your purchase.  If you would like to use a version released after 1 year you may upgrade at a reduced rate.  The release dates for each version are shown below.  You can download an older version for your license.

August 31, 2016 version 4.4:

  • Added options to launch a task based on an incoming call.  You can define both a global task and also caller specific tasks to run.  Supports keyword insertion in the command line argument.  Helpful for automating other tasks based on incoming phone calls.
  • Added support for sending emails through SMTP mail servers requiring TLS connections.  Now supports SSL, TLS, or no security.
  • Built with the latest compiler/libraries for improved speed, reliability, and security

January 15, 2016 version 4.3:

  • Updated for Windows 10 compatibility

March 12, 2015 version 4.2:

  • Improved reliability of setup program
  • Improved ability to read in license key when extra line feeds were inserted

December 2, 2014 version 4.1:

  • Updated for Windows 8 compatibility
  • Updated links in program to all use HTTPS instead of HTTP
  • Updated to current OpenSSL library for improved security when sending email via SSL
  • Fixed issue of Sound Recorder not coming up when recording a new alias sound under 64 bit versions of Windows
  • Bug fix: When specifying multiple comma delimited recipients for email and using SSL the email would fail
  • Bug fix: In some cases sending an email could cause the program to crash

October 19, 2011 version 4.0:

  • Added ability to display a picture for each incoming caller.  To display a picture, assign picture as an alias property.
  • Added ability to select multiple calls from the main call log.  Allows for deleting or copying multiple calls at once.
  • Aliases can now be imported from either a tab delimited text file or a vCard file.  Picture importing is supported as well.
  • Aliases can now be exported to a tab delimited text file
  • Alias list allows multiple selection so multiple aliases can be deleted at once
  • Improved main call log list view so that drag/drop re-ordering preference is memorized.  You can also right mouse click on the list view column header and choose "Customize..." to re-order the columns.
  • Wildcard characters supported in email list, just like in blocked call list.  Useful for matching on certain area codes or prefixes.

November 28, 2009 version 3.0:

  • Updated for Windows 7 compatibility
  • Added option to block all calls except those listed in your blocked list.  With this option selected your blocked call list is treated as a "whitelist", where only those callers are allowed through.
  • Added more user controllability over timing of when a blocked call hangs up.  See "File / Options... / Blocked Calls".  Specify the number of seconds before hanging up.  Also choose whether timer starts immediately or after call completion.
  • Accessibility improvement: Keyboard focus returned to calling Options dialog when child dialogs were opened
  • Bug fix: Program could crash in some cases when modem received invalid caller information

April 24, 2009 version 2.4:

  • Added support for recording sound clips under Vista.  Used for alias assignments that play a sound clip.
  • Support sound clip formats .WAV, .MP3, and .WMA for alias assignment.  Previously, only .WAV files could be used.
  • Accessibility improvement: Added keyboard shortcut (Tab) to move keyboard focus to the call log list view

November 21, 2008 version 2.3:

  • Improved memory usage
  • Added ability to choose which list view columns to display (View / List Columns...)
  • Added new optional fields for the list view:
    • Total Calls
    • Recent Calls  (See "File / Options... / Options" to define 'recent')
    • Prior Call
    • Latest Call
    • Blocked
    • Aliased
  • Added support for sending email using a secure connection (SSL)
  • Improved task tray icon.  If Windows Explorer crashes, the task tray icon will be re-added.

March 19, 2008 version 2.2:

  • Added new e-mail merge fields for inserting phone number in varying formats
  • Program's data files are stored when changes made instead of at program exit.  Attempting to eliminate corrupted data files on incomplete shutdown.
  • Fixed issue with sending SMTP email under Vista when User Account Control (UAC) was turned on

January 27, 2008 version 2.1:

  • Added menu command "Call / Remove Duplicates" to delete older duplicate calls.  Leaves only the most recent call from each unique caller in the log.
  • Hovering mouse over task tray icon displays information on the most recent new calls
  • Updated for Windows Vista:
    • All log and data files are now stored in the user's Application Data folder, instead of the program's installation folder
    • Corrected display issues with list view sort arrow and flickering status bar
    • Vista compatible program (manifested to run with permissions of invoker)
    • Updated installation program
  • Added advanced registry option to control number of seconds to wait before hanging up the line after blocking a call.  For instructions, see "File / Options / Block Calls / Help".

October 31, 2006 version 2.0:

  • Customize the default announcement text.  Announcement text can include any text and the caller name, number, and time.  See "File / Options... / Audio / Announcement...".
  • Option to repeat announcement specified number of times, with an adjustable delay
  • Option to display incoming call information in balloon tool tip in task tray
  • Email notifications can now be sent to multiple recipients by separating each address with a comma
  • Alias list can now be sorted by either displayed column
  • Added "Mark All Calls As Old" to task tray menu
  • Online help updated and available in modern format
  • New installation program

May 2, 2006 version 1.6:

  • When a new call is displayed in the call log the entry is always scrolled into view
  • New option to suppress errors when publishing call log to the web (File / Options... / Publish)
  • Allows more than one instance of the program to be running at once
  • Added option to not wait for all call information before announcing (File / Options... / Options)

March 23, 2005 version 1.5:

  • Improved reliability of option that brings window to the foreground when a call comes in

July 8, 2004 version 1.4:

January 31, 2004 version 1.3:

  • Fixed a problem when sending e-mail to some SMTP servers

October 25, 2003 version 1.2:

  • Added support for sending email notifications directly to SMTP server
  • Remembers list view column widths from session to session
  • Bug fix: WAV aliases were not always properly matching name/number fields

August 3, 2003 version 1.1:

  • Added support for older modem drivers (TAPI 1.4)
  • Bug fix: When dialing outside US, could use incorrect country code

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