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Text To Speech Engines

Audio Caller ID uses a Text To Speech (TTS) engine to announce incoming callers.  If you do not currently have a TTS engine, you can download one for free from this page.  To find out if you already have a TTS engine installed, select "File / Options... / Audio" from within Audio Caller ID.  If you have a TTS installed you will see a list of available voices.

Audio Caller ID supports both SAPI 4 and SAPI 5 Text To Speech Engines:

SAPI 5 Text To Speech
ttseng5.exe English speech engine and 2 voices
Windows Installer Package
Total download size varies from 9 - 12 MB
(Recommended download, only downloads components you need)
ttseng5f.exe English speech engine and 2 voices
Self Extracting Archive
(12,869,120 Bytes)


SAPI 4 is an older technology, and we recommend using SAPI 5, but SAPI 4 may have more voices available.  To use SAPI 4 first install spchapi.exe, and then msttsl.exe.

SAPI 4 Text To Speech
spchapi.exe SAPI 4 Runtime
(12,869,120 Bytes)
msttsl.exe Speech Binaries
(12,869,120 Bytes)


If you are interested in some higher quality voices, please see our recommendations on our voices page. Home | Contact Us | Site Map | About Us | Privacy Policy