Backing Up Your Data


Manual Backup/Restore:

To safeguard your event data, periodically make a backup copy of your calendar by using "File / Backup...".  In the event you must restore your calendar, use "File / Restore...".


Automatic Backup:

Each time Remind-Me exits it will automatically make a backup copy of your mydata.bdy file in the "Backup" sub-folder.  The backed up copies will have a number appended to the filenames.  By default, Remind-Me will keep up to 30 of your most recent data files backed up.  If you need to restore from an automatic backup, use the file's modified time/date to determine which copy to restore.  The "Backup" folder will be located in your Remind-Me data folder.  To change the number of automatic backups you can create a


The backup folder will be located at (AppData is a hidden folder):



For detailed instructions on how to restore a backup, see:

Advanced:  You can control the number of automatic backups with a registry value.  The default is 30, but if you create a string value named "count" at the location:  HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Beiley Software\Remind-Me\CurrentVersion\backup you can set it to however many backups you want to store.


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