Events can be assigned to any number of categories.  You may create any number of categories to help organize your events.  You can use category filtering to only show events belonging (or not belonging) to specified categories.


There are 2 ways to assign an event to a category.  You can use the event editor to enter categories for a single event.  Alternatively, you can select one or more events from the List view, and then right mouse click on any selected event, and choose Categories... from the popup menu.  This will bring up a dialog where you can specify the categories for all selected events.


Remind-Me comes with some default categories, but you can add, edit, or delete categories from the category list.  There is no limit to the number of categories you can create.  To modify the list of available categories, choose the Edit Category List... button from within the category filter dialog or the category selection dialog.


To apply category filtering select the Include/Categories... menu command, or press the Filter button on the toolbar.  The current status of category filtering will be shown in the status bar.

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