Remind-Me Conduit for Outlook


A conduit for synchronizing Remind-Me's calendar with Outlook 2000 or later is available.  The Outlook conduit supports both 1 way overwrites and also full 2-way mirror image synchronization.  Synchronizing with Outlook is initiated from within Outlook by pressing the "Remind-Me" button on the toolbar.  Here are some special points to consider when using this conduit:



Alarm settings are independent between Outlook and Remind-Me.


Field mapping:

Remind-Me's "Name" field is mapped to Outlook's "Subject" field.

Remind-Me's "Comment" field can be mapped to either Outlook's "Location" or "Body" field.  See Tools / Remind-Me Options... from within Outlook


For a tutorial on how to set this up, and to download the Outlook add-on, see:

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