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Here are some commonly asked questions and answers relating to using Audio Caller ID:

  1. Why do all my calls come up as "Unavailable"?
  2. Will Audio Caller ID work while I'm online?
  3. How do I set up 10 digit dialing for making calls?
  4. How do I backup my settings and call log?
  5. I've lost my license key, can you send it to me again?

Question:  Why do all my calls come up as "Unavailable"?
Answer:  This is a common symptom. It means one of several things:

  1. Your modem doesn't support caller ID (even though the driver says it does)
  2. The feature isn't enabled on your modem, but it will support it if you just enable it.
  3. Your modem driver isn't written properly to support caller ID.

For step by step instructions on how to see which of these is the problem, and potentially fix it (#2 or #3 can be fixed easily), follow the instructions to manually verify that your modem is receiving caller ID information.  If your modem is receiving caller ID information, but it doesn't appear in Audio Caller ID, then the problem is with your modem driver.  This can easily be fixed by following these instructions.  If your modem is not receiving caller ID information then make sure the caller ID feature of your modem is enabled

Question:  Will Audio Caller ID work while I'm online?
Answer:  If you are using your same modem to connect to the internet that you use to monitor incoming calls, then no, Audio Caller ID will not be able to notify you of incoming calls while you are online.

Question:  How do I set up 10 digit dialing for making calls?
Answer:  You can set up your "Dialing Rules" from within Windows.  Go to Control Panel / Phone and Modem Options / Dialing Rules.  Select your Location, and choose Edit....  Select the Area Code Rules tab.  Click the New... button to add new area codes that should be dialed with 10 digit dialing.  Under the Rules section of this dialog make sure to select When dialing phone numbers that contain the prefixes above: Include the area code.

Question:  How do I backup my settings and call log?

Audio Caller ID keeps the call log and other settings, such as your aliases and list of blocked callers in a single data folder.  Back up this entire folder to save your call log and settings.  If you need to restore, just replace these files while Audio Caller ID is not running.  The data folder is located at:

C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Audio Caller ID

For Windows XP the data folder will be:

C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Audio Caller ID

The call log is the file "calls.txt".  This is a simple tab delimited text file.

Tip:  The "AppData" (or "Application Data") folder is a hidden folder by default, so you may also need to turn on "Show hidden files and folders" within Windows Explorer's "Tools / Folder Options... / View" dialog. Home | Contact Us | Site Map | About Us | Privacy Policy