Audio Caller ID
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Audio Caller ID is a TAPI (Windows Telephony API) application.  This means TAPI is used to communicate with your modem.

For the caller ID information to be retrieved by Audio Caller ID you must subscribe to the caller ID service with your local telephone company, your modem must support caller ID, and your modem driver must be TAPI compliant.  If you are not receiving caller ID information all calls will be displayed as Unavailable.  The TAPI compliant driver is most often the source of caller ID information not being reported.  Many of the standard Windows modem drivers will not report caller ID information.  You will want to install the driver from your modem manufacturer.  Visit the web site of your modem manufacturer to see if they have an updated driver available.

Here is a list of things to check if Audio Caller ID is not reporting caller ID information:

  • Your phone line is plugged into your computer's modem
  • You are subscribed to the caller ID service with your phone company on this line
  • You are not using this same modem to connect to the internet at the same time you are trying to receive a call.  (Modems can't receive CID information while the modem is in use)
  • Make sure your modem supports caller ID by checking the documentation that came with your modem or by viewing our list of known supported modems.
  • Check for and install the latest version of your modem's driver. These can usually be downloaded directly from your modem manufacturer's web site.
  • Make sure the caller ID feature of your modem is enabled.
  • Manually verify that your modem is receiving caller ID information. Home | Contact Us | Site Map | About Us | Privacy Policy