Syncing Contacts


You can use the optional add-on "Handy Address Book Google Sync" to synchronize your contacts in Handy Address Book with your Google account contacts.  You can then sync from your Google account to a variety of phones/tablets/etc.  (more info).  You can then make a change to your contacts on your phone, web, or in Handy, and keep all platforms updated.


To get started syncing, download and install Handy Address Book with Google Sync.  From within Handy Address Book specify your desired syncing options under the File/Options.../Sync dialog.  The sync options allow automatic syncing every so many minutes, or you can initiate a sync at any time using the Actions/Sync with Google menu command.



Specific Syncing Details:

The majority of the contact fields are synced between Handy Address Book and your Google account, but not all fields.  Fields that are not synced remain un-changed.  The following fields are synchronized:



Job Title














    Home Fax

    Work Fax


    Other    (Handy's "Car" phone)

    Google Voice    (Handy's "Home 2" phone)

    Main    (Handy's "Business 2" phone)


Groups (Categories)


AIM    (Handy's IM Address)


    Home Page  (Handy's "Web Page Address")


In addition to syncing your contact information, Group information is also synchronized.  In Handy, these are your Categories, and on Google they are called Groups.  Your Handy categories will be synchronized with your Google Groups.  If you want to delete or rename a category (group), you must do so on both Google and Handy.  If you only want to add a category (group) you may do so on either platform, and that category (group) will be created on the other platform for you.


Advanced Sync Options:

Press the Advanced... button in the Google Syncing Options dialog to see these options.


Filter by Category Which Addresses to Sync

By default, addresses in all categories are synced.  Press the "Category Filter..." button to optionally control which addresses are synced based on category.  You can pick to sync all addresses in all categories, or only addresses in selected categories, or all addresses except those belonging to selected categories.  Addresses in categories not being synced will remain un-changed in Handy Address Book, but not synced to your Google contacts.  This category filter applies to addresses going from Handy Address Book to Google for either the 2 way sync or the Handy overwrites Google sync.  This does not apply to addresses going from Google to Handy Address Book via a 2 way sync or a Google overwrites Handy.


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