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This optional add-on allows synchronizing your contacts between Handy Address Book and the contacts in your Google account.  Google contacts can then be synchronized to a variety of devices and mobile phones.  Read information on syncing Google to your phone.  To sync Handy Address Book with your Google account, download and run the following:

Download Handy Address Book Google Sync
For Windows
download button Version 11.2 (Sync Module 30)
Released January 29, 2024


After installation, set up your syncing preferences under File / Options... / Sync:

google sync options

The sync options allow automatic syncing every so many minutes, or you can initiate a sync at any time using the Actions / Sync with Google menu command.

The very first time you sync, a web browser will open up an authorization page where you give Handy Address Book permission to access the contacts data of your Google account.  You will see something like this:

Google Sample Permissions

Press "Allow" to allow Handy Address Book to sync to your account.  You only need to do this once.  For details on how Handy Address Book uses your Google user data, please see our privacy policy.

See the contact synchronization documentation for more details on synchronizing your address book.  If you receive an error when syncing, see our sync troubleshooting steps.

The Google Sync add-on is fully functional for a trial period of 15 syncs.  To use the optional add-on past the evaluation period requires a separate Google Sync license be purchased for $15.95.

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