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Feature List

Multiple Address Books
You can create as many address books as you'd like.  You may want to organize your addresses into different address books.  Each person in your family could have their own address book, or you could have a separate address book for your company or club.

Unlimited Addresses
Each address book can contain an unlimited number of addresses.

Networked or Shared Address Books
When used with the Handy Server multiple users can all access the same address book at the same time.  You can define users and set permissions, so address books can be shared among multiple users with varying levels of access.  The Handy Server also provides access to your address books using any web browser.

Publish to Web
With the click of a button, publish your address book to your web site.  This is ideal for sharing your address book with others, or to access your address book when you are away from home.  All you need is a web browser to view your online address book.  Here is a sample published address book.  You can customize which data fields are in the list, and adjust the fonts/colors to your liking.  This feature publishes a static copy of your address book.  For dynamic access and support for permission based access to your address book with a web browser, use the Handy Server.

Categorize Your Addresses
Organize your addresses by assigning them to categories.  For example, you may want to have a "Holiday Card" category, where everyone in this category will get sent a card.   You can create as many different categories as you'd like, and addresses can belong to multiple categories.

Print your addresses in a list or table format.  Print them in a detailed report format, or in a booklet format.  Create a compact, folded, double sided wallet or purse phone book.  You can also print mailing addresses out on envelopes and labels.  Printing is very customizable, so you can make your printouts appear just as you want.

Print Preview
Preview your print job before printing to make sure it appears just as you want.

vCard Support
Complete support for opening, importing, exporting, and sending vCards.  Drag and drop is also supported.  Handy Address Book can optionally be your default vCard handler.

Photo Support
Assign a picture to each of your contacts.  Customize the picture's display size and location.  Pictures can be assigned in the program, imported from vCard files, or synced from Google contacts.

Import and Export
Powerful import and export options are available.  Includes built in support for importing from popular programs such as Outlook, Palm, or the Windows Address Book.

Dialing Phone Numbers
Use Skype or your computer's modem to easily dial the phone number for any of your addresses.  There is also a Redial list, and a customizable Speed Dial list.

Maps and Driving Directions
Easily look up a map or get driving directions for any of your addresses.

Send E-mail
Quickly send an e-mail to one or more of your addresses.  Ideal for maintaining an e-mail list, such as for your department or club.

Synchronize contacts
Contacts can be synchronized between your Google account, your mobile phone, and Handy Address Book.  Changes made in any of these address books will automatically be updated on all.  Makes it easy to keep your contact information updated on all platforms.

Quick Search
Handy Address Book is designed to get you to your information with the minimal number of mouse or keyboard clicks.  One such example is the Quick Search feature.  Just start typing on your keyboard the beginning part of the name you want to find. As you type, the first address that matches all the characters you've typed will be selected. Continue typing additional characters to refine your quick search. The characters that you've typed will show up in the status bar. You can use the Backspace key to erase the last character in your quick search string. You can use the Escape key to cancel your quick search, or just performing any other action will automatically cancel the quick search.  In addition to the Quick Search, there is also an advanced Find command with more powerful search features.

Address books can be encrypted and password protected to keep your information secure.

Optional "Portable Mode", so you can carry your address book(s) with you on a memory stick.

And Much More...
See the program's online help for more detailed documentation.  Some sample screen shots are also available on the demonstration page. You can evaluate Handy Address Book for free by obtaining a copy from the download page.  After evaluation of the program, to purchase a licensed copy, go to the purchase page.

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