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How do I print labels or envelopes for my holiday cards?

There are a variety of ways to accomplish this, but we recommend using "Categories":

  1. For each address that you want to send a holiday card to, add that contact to the "Holiday Card" category.  To do this, edit the address, and choose the "Categories..." button on the bottom of the address editor.  Place a check mark next to the "Holiday Cards" category to add this contact into that category.  Another method to add multiple contacts to a category at once is to select all of them from the list, and then right mouse click and choose "Categories...".
  2. Once you've added all the appropriate contacts to the Holiday Card category, choose the menu command "View / Categories...".  Set the options so that only the "Holiday Cards" category is being displayed.  Make sure the alphabet bar along the left is set to "All".  You should now see only your contacts displayed that you intend to send a holiday card.
  3. Now, choose "File / Print" and select either the Label or Envelope "Print Style".
  4. Under the "Print Range" choose "Displayed Addresses"
  5. Choose "Page Setup" to adjust any printing options.  Once you're done, press the "Print..." button to go back to the "Print" dialog.
  6. Press "Print Preview" to preview the print job, or press OK to actually print.

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