Detailed Address Properties


The address editor has 2 pages: General and Details.  The following table describes each of the fields on the Details page:


Job Title

Job Title or Profession for this address.


Name of the Company for this address.


Department Name or Group for this address.


Office information for this address, such as the location.


Nickname for this address.


Spouse's name.


To enter a birthday, select the check mark, and then enter the date they were born.


To enter an anniversary, select the check mark, and then enter the date.

Skype Name

Skype name for this address.  (more info)

IM Address

Any instant messaging address for online chat.

Custom 1 - Custom 8

Enter any extra information for this address.  These fields can be used for any other information you'd like to track.  The field names can be changed under "File / Options... / Labels".


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