Dialing With Skype


Handy Address Book supports dialing with Classic Skype.  You can dial any regular phone number or a contact's "Skype Name".  To dial with Skype, open the File / Options... / Modem dialog and choose Use CALLTO Protocol for the modem to use for dialing out.  You must also have Classic Skype (or any other program that supports the CALLTO protocol) installed on your computer.  (Unfortunately, current Skype versions no longer support CALLTO as of the time of this writing.  You must have "Classic Skype", which were the 7.x versions.)  You can now use any of the dialing commands in Handy to initiate a Skype call.


Each contact in Handy can have up to 12 phone numbers plus a Skype Name defined.  Normally you would store the contact's Skype name in the Skype Name field.  You can however also store Skype names in the regular phone number fields.  To do this, type in the phone number as: Skype: username where username is the Skype name.

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