Choose List Columns To Display


This dialog allows you to customize which data fields are shown as columns in the Address List.  You can also adjust the order of the data fields.  To access this dialog select View/List Columns... from the menu, or right mouse click on the Address List header, and choose Customize... from the popup menu.


All available data fields will be listed.  To include a data field in the Address List, place a check mark next to that field.  To re-order the list, select a field, and choose the Move Up or Move Down buttons.  To restore the program defaults for the Address List, select the Reset button.  To restore the settings from a previously saved address list template, choose the Template... button.


You can also re-order the columns in the Address List directly, by clicking and dragging a column's header to the new desired location.


These settings also affect List Printing and Publishing.

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