About Publishing


You can publish your address book to the web, so that you can view it when you're away from home, or if you'd like to share it with others.  Once your address book is published to the web you can view it with a web browser from any location.  It is not necessary to have Handy installed in order to view the address book on the web.  This makes sharing your addresses with others very easy.  For example, you may want to have a company directory posted to the web for everyone to view.


To see an example published address book visit: https://www.beiley.com/habook/publish-example/


Before publishing for the first time, set up your publishing settings under the File/Options.../Publish dialog.


To actually publish your address book to the web just use the Actions/Publish to Web menu command.  This will create all the necessary web pages, and upload them to your web server, all in one simple step.


Customizing the Appearance:

The columns of data displayed are the same as those shown in the Address List.  You can customize which columns of data are published, and their order by adjusting the list columns.  The fonts and colors in the lower details section are the same as used in the Details Window.  Use the File/Options.../Details Display dialog to adjust these settings.


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