Publish Options


This dialog is available by selecting the File/Options.../Publish menu command.


Publish Address Book to Web

Select this option to enable publishing of your address book to the web.  You can publish your address book to your web site for viewing addresses remotely.  Once you have provided the details in this dialog on where to publish your address book, you can actually do the publishing by pressing the Publish button on the tool bar, or with the Actions/Publish to Web menu command.  [more info]


When determining which addresses to publish alphabet filtering is ignored, but your current category filter settings are still used.  For example, if you only want to publish a certain category of addresses, you can turn on just the display of that category before publishing, and only addresses in that category will get published.

FTP Server Address

Enter the name of your server.  For example:


Enter the username and password required to log onto your FTP server.

Path/Filename on FTP Server for Address Book

Enter the location on your server for the top level HTML document of your address book.  For example:  /html/myabook.htm

Never Publish Private Addresses

Select this option to never publish any addresses marked as private, even if they are being displayed at the time of publishing. 


If you leave this option un-checked your private addresses will only be published if they are being displayed at the time of publishing.  Use View/Private to toggle on/off the display of private addresses.

Disconnect Dial-up Connection When Done if Handy Address Book Dialed Connection

This option is only used if you access the internet using a dial-up connection.  Select this option to have Handy disconnect  when it is done uploading the address book if Handy caused the modem to dial out.  If you were already connected before publishing, it will not disconnect even if this option is selected.

When this option is not selected Handy will never disconnect your dial up connection.

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