Details Display Options


This dialog is available by selecting the File/Options.../Details Display menu command.



Choose the font and color for the name of the address shown in the left pane of the Details Window.


Choose the font and color for the headings in the Details Window.


Choose the font and color for the regular text in the Details Window.

Picture Size

Choose how large the picture will be displayed:

Tiny (32 x 32)
Small (64 x 64)
Medium (96 x 96) (default)
Large (128 x 128)
Larger (256 x 256)
Very Large (720 x 720)

Picture Position

Choose the location of the picture in the Details Window.  To not show a picture, choose "Hidden".

Background Color

Choose the background color.

Restore Defaults

Restores all fonts, colors, and picture settings to their defaults.

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