Command Line Arguments


Remind-Me stores your events in a file called "mydata.bdy".  By default this file will be saved in the C:\Users\<username>\AppData\Roaming\Remind-Me directory.  You can specify an alternate location on the command line if you wish to save this file to a different location.



RemindMe.exe [drive:][path]

Optional Parameters:

Specifies the drive and full path of the mydata.bdy file to open.


"C:\Program Files\RemindMe.exe" "C:\My Data Folder\RemindMe\mydata.bdy"

If the path to your RemindMe.exe or your mydata.bdy file contains any spaces, use double quotes as shown here.


Important:  If you are using the Outlook conduit do not use a command line argument.  You must leave your mydata.bdy file stored in the default location when syncing with Outlook.


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