E-Mail Configuration


Remind-Me can send E-Mail by either using your installed default e-mail client, or it can send the mail itself directly to your SMTP mail server.  When using your default e-mail client (such as Outlook or Windows Mail) it must be "Simple MAPI" compatible.  Most popular mail clients do support Simple MAPI.  For more on how to make sure your email client is set up to work with Remind-Me, see Simple MAPI.


Choose one of the following 2 methods for sending E-Mail:


Always Use MAPI Client for Sending E-Mail

Remind-Me will always use your default mail client for sending E-Mail.  [setting default mail client]

Send Directly to Mail Server When Possible

If the "Prompt Before Sending" option is off for your E-Mail alarm, and there is no attachment to the E-Mail, then Remind-Me will send the E-Mail directly to your SMTP mail server.  Otherwise, your default e-mail client will be used.


Mail Server:

When using the mail server sending method, you can fill these options in with the details of your mail server.


Special Note for Sending with Gmail:

When sending through Gmail's mail server (smtp.gmail.com) you must either set up an "App password" or enable using "Less secure app access".


MAPI Options:

If your MAPI e-mail program uses an e-mail profile, specify the profile name and password here. If you do not need to specify a profile name simply leave these fields empty.  If you're not sure if you use a profile, then you most likely can just leave these blank.


Omit SMTP Prefix option:
Some older e-mail clients do not interpret the MAPI address field correctly.  When this happens you will see a "SMTP:" at the beginning of the e-mail address.  To fix this you can turn on the option "Omit SMTP Prefix" option.  This will change the way Remind-Me sends the address field, so the "SMTP:" will not be in the e-mail address.


Default E-Mail Subject:

Press this button to enter in the default subject for each event type.  Subject lines can contain mail merge fields.


Tip:  Use the "Test" button from the E-Mail options tab in the Event Information editor to verify these values are set appropriately.

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