Entering Events


The Event Information dialog is used to enter a new event or modify an existing event. New birthday, anniversary, scheduled, or holiday event entries can be added or edited using this dialog. The following fields are available:



Description of the event. Examples for a birthday, anniversary, and scheduled event would be: John Smith, Our Wedding, and Mortgage Payment.


Select this button to specify how often to repeat the occurrence of a scheduled event or holiday. Choices for scheduled events are One Time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly. Holiday events repeat yearly.


Birthday, Anniversary, Scheduled, or Holiday


Birth Date for a birthday. Anniversary date for an anniversary. Start Date for a scheduled event. Next Date for a holiday event.

End Date

The ending date of a scheduled event. For no ending date, remove the check from this date. This field is only available for scheduled events and when you have selected a repeat Frequency other than One Time.

Start/End Time

To make an event timed, put a check mark in the "Start Time" field.  This is the time of the event, and is displayed on the calendar.  (Note: This can be different than the "alarm time").

When displaying events on a calendar, Remind-Me lists un-timed events first (alphabetically), and then lists events in the order of their start time.


A note to associate with this event


Type in the desired categories this event should belong in.  Separate multiple categories with a comma.  You can either type in the categories, or press the "Categories..." button to select them and/or modify the list of defined categories.  [more info]


Choose the Options button to display or hide the additional details available for this event. Four categories of additional details are available, Alarm, E-Mail, Task, and Display.


Alarm options:

Notify At Startup

Display alarm for this event when Remind-Me starts

Notify At

Display alarm for this event at the specified time of day

Start Notifying

The number of days before the event date to start displaying alarms

Play Sound

When displaying an alarm, play the specified sound file.  Use the "Browse..." button to go find the sound file, and use the "Test" button to play the sound file.


E-Mail options:

Send E-Mail To

Check to enable sending e-mail. When checked, you can enter the e-mail address as well as how many days in advance of the event to send the e-mail. To specify multiple recipients, separate the email addresses by a comma.  When sending an e-mail in advance of the event, one e-mail will be sent each day until the event is acknowledged.

Include File

Check to include specified file in the body of the e-mail message.  Mail merge is performed on this file, so you can insert fields from this event into the message of your email.  [read more]

Attach File

Check to attach specified file to the e-mail message

Prompt Before Sending

Check to customize the e-mail prior to sending.  Remove this check to have the e-mail sent automatically.


Select to specify your email account settings, and to assign a subject to use for e-mails.  [read more]


Select to send a test e-mail with the currently specified settings


Task options:


When displaying an alarm, run the specified program.  [more info]


Select to run the specified program now


Display options:


Check to make this a hidden event. Hidden events do not get shown in the main window's list box or calendars unless the menu command "Include/Hidden Events" is turned on. However, enabled alarms for hidden events will still be activated.

Draw Border

Displays a border around the event on the month and year calendars


Select the foreground and background colors to be used when displaying on the month/year calendars. Choose "Default" to use the default colors.


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