iCalendar Export Options


Remind-Me can import and export iCalendar (*.ics) files. 


To export an iCalendar file, select one or more events, and then right mouse click and choose an option from the "iCalendar" menu.  You can either forward an iCalendar file by email, or save the iCalendar file to disk.


When exporting you can control whether or not the iCalendar file contains alarm information.  This option is set under File / Options / Other / Include Alarm Information in iCalendar Exports.


Advanced Technical Details on Time Zones:

When exporting you can also control the time zone information used in the iCalendar file.  By default, Remind-Me attempts to specify your events using the time zone information as you have selected in Windows.  When Remind-Me does not have sufficient information to specify your exact time zone, it will output the iCalendar file in a common UTC format. 


If you prefer, you can force Remind-Me to always use the UTC format, or use an alternate time zone format.  These override options are set in the registry at this location:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Beiley Software\Remind-Me\CurrentVersion\google

By setting a string value named "icalutc" to a value of "1" your iCalendar files will be exported using UTC format.


You can use an alternate time zone format by setting 2 registry key string values: "useTZID" and "useVTIMEZONE".  The "useTZID" is the name of the TZID field in the iCalendar file, and the "useVTIMEZONE" string is the full VTIMEZONE definition using the RFC 2445 definition.  Here is an example usage:


(Notice how line feeds are encoded in the "useVTIMEZONE" string value using "\n")


If the "icalutc" option is set, the "useTZID" and "useVTIMEZONE" values are ignored.

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