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Feature List

Easy To Use Interface
The interface is simple and provides quick access to your tasks and their associated notes.  Write task notes directly into the main window.  Drag and drop tasks to re-prioritize them.  Completely customize the appearance by choosing the fields to display, their order, and all the fonts/colors used.  Even though the interface is simple it offers powerful sorting, searching, and filtering capabilities when needed.

Multiple To-Do Lists
Create as many to-do lists as you need.  You may want to organize your tasks into different to-do lists.  Each person in your family could have their own to-do list, or you could have one for work, and one for home.

Unlimited Tasks
Each to-do list can contain an unlimited number of tasks.

Task Alarms
Each task can have alarms set to help remind you.  An alarm can be set to pop up a message window, play a sound, send out an email, or run any program you want.

Repeating Tasks
Tasks can be set to automatically repeat at a specified interval.  Choose from One Time, Daily, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly repeat frequencies.  Each repeat frequency is very customizable so you can achieve nearly any desired repeat pattern.

Publish to Web
With the click of a button, publish your to-do list to your web site. This is ideal for sharing your to-do list with others, or to access your to-do list when you are away from home. All you need is a web browser to view your online to-do list. Here is a sample published to-do list. You can customize which data fields are in the list, and adjust the fonts/colors to your liking.

Categorize Your Tasks
Organize your tasks by assigning them to categories. For example, you may want to create categories for separate projects, or you could have "Home" and "Business" categories.  Tasks can belong in any number of categories.

Print your tasks in a list or table format. Print them in a detailed report format.  Printing is very customizable, so you can make your printouts appear just as you want.

Print Preview
Preview your print job before printing to make sure it appears just as you want.

A "Quicklist" is displayed in the popup tool-tip when you hover your mouse over Active To-Do List's icon in the system tray.  This provides very quick visibility to your most important tasks.  The quicklist displays your highest priority incomplete tasks.

Password Protection
To-do lists can optionally be password protected.  Password protected to-do lists are stored encrypted with industrial strength AES encryption.

Quick Search
Active To-Do List is designed to get you to your information with the minimal number of mouse or keyboard clicks.  One such example is the Quick Search feature.  Just start typing on your keyboard the beginning part of the task name you want to find. As you type, the first task that matches all the characters you've typed will be selected. Continue typing additional characters to refine your quick search. The characters that you've typed will show up in the status bar. You can use the Backspace key to erase the last character in your quick search string. You can use the Escape key to cancel your quick search, or just performing any other action will automatically cancel the quick search.  In addition to the Quick Search, there is also an advanced Find command with more powerful search features.

And Much More...
See the program's online help for more detailed documentation.  Some sample screen shots are also available on the demonstration page. You can evaluate Active To-Do List for free by obtaining a copy from the download page.  After evaluation of the program, to purchase a registered copy, go to the registration page. Home | Contact Us | Site Map | About Us | Privacy Policy