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Revision History

When you purchase an Active To-Do List license you receive free upgrades for 1 year from the date of your purchase.  If you would like to use a version released after 1 year you may upgrade at a reduced rate.  To find your purchase date look in Active To-Do List under "Help / About...".  The release dates for each version are shown below.  You can download an older version for your license.

March 14, 2022 version 6.0:

  • Updated for Windows 11 compatibility
  • Added a new right mouse menu command: "Insert File Link...".  This command allows you to browse to any file, and a hyperlink to that file will be inserted in the notes.
  • Updated to use latest OpenSSL build
  • Increased the maximum SMTP password size from 63 to 255 characters
  • Added upgrade hyperlinks in the "Register" and "About" dialog boxes, making it easier to upgrade

April 17, 2019 version 5.1:

  • Improved program appearance and made toolbar buttons available in multiple sizes.  Choose the desired size with "File / Options... / Options / Toolbar Button Size".  Button sizes can be <Automatic>, Tiny, Small, Medium, Large, or Very Large.
  • Added support for high resolution (DPI) displays, so the display is always crips/clear for any resolution.  Previously the window could be scaled by Windows when the display scale was greater than 100%, causing a blurred appearance.
  • Updated to use latest OpenSSL build (1.0.2q)
  • Changed supported Windows versions to Windows 7 or later (Windows 7, 8, and 10).  No longer support XP or Vista.

August 14, 2018 version 5.0:

  • Added color options as new task properties under the new "Display" tab in the task editor.  Can set foreground and background colors to be used in the List view.
  • Added color options as new category properties.  Use category colors to assign all tasks within the same category a consistent set of colors.  Can set foreground and background colors to be used in the List view.
  • When accessing recent task lists under the "File / Recent" menu the full path of highlighted list is shown in status bar.  Makes it easier to help find the desired task list you want to open, and know the folder location of that file.

June 2, 2016 version 4.3:

  • Updated for Windows 10 compatibility
  • Added support for sending email alarms through SMTP mail servers that require TLS encryption (previously only supported SSL)
  • Built with latest compiler for improved performance and security
  • Add keyboard shortcuts for menu commands "Edit / Increase/Decrease Priority"
  • Fixed issue where "Help / Contents…" would not display initial page

March 9, 2015 version 4.2:

  • Fixed small memory leak upon program exit
  • Improved reliability of reading license keys.  Some email clients were inserting extra carriage returns in the middle of the license, causing problems entering license.
  • Improved reliability of installation program

November 17, 2014 version 4.1:
(For licensing purposes the release date of 4.1 remains the same as version 4.0 (November 11, 2014) since this release is strictly a maintenance release.)

  • Bug fix: License key could sometimes be incorrectly rejected

November 11, 2014 version 4.0:

  • Updated for Windows 8 compatibility
  • Updated SMTP module for sending email reminders via SSL
  • Updated website links to use HTTPS instead of HTTP
  • Bug fix: E-mail reminders to multiple recipients would fail when using a mail server that required SSL

April 19, 2011 version 3.0:

  • New option to encrypt and password protect to-do lists.  New option saves data in an encrypted format, making Active To-Do List suitable for storing private information.  Uses industrial strength AES encryption.  See "File / Options... / Privacy" to enable.
  • Added option to color code list view text by due status.  Past due tasks are displayed in red, and tasks due today are displayed in green.  Tasks without a due date, or that are due in the future are displayed in the default text color.  See "File / Options... / Display / Color Code Due and Past Due Tasks".
  • Added new date filtering option "Due Upcoming".  Displays tasks having a due date within a specified number of days from now.  Enter any desired number of days to view upcoming tasks.

November 23, 2009 version 2.1:

  • Increased maximum size of task tray's tooltip text

November 20, 2009 version 2.0:

  • Updated for Windows 7 compatibility
  • Added support for using Vista/7 "Default Programs" to associate Active To-Do List with *.tdl files
  • Added "File / Properties..." command to view information on currently open to-do list file
  • Added support for sending email reminders through an SMTP server requiring an SSL (secure) connection
  • Improved task tray icon robustness
  • Improved application robustness (built using secure C run-time library to prevent any possible buffer overflows)
  • Manifested as a Vista and Windows 7 compatible program

September 3, 2008 version 1.4:

  • Updated Print Preview for Vista compatibility

May 12, 2008 version 1.3:

  • Windows Vista compatibility improvements:
    • List view sort arrow was being shown in all columns instead of only sorting column
    • Status bar would "flicker"
    • Print Preview did not work under Vista SP1
  • Accessibility improvements:
    • Ctrl+C keyboard shortcut copies selected text when focus is in Notes window, selects entire tasks otherwise.
    • Ctrl+V keyboard shortcut can paste text into Notes window when it has the focus and text data is on the clipboard.  Otherwise, it can be used to paste entire task(s).
    • Ctrl+Tab moves keyboard focus between the Task List and Notes windows.
    • Fixed tab order in task alarm popup window.  Can also now use the Enter key to dismiss dialog.

February 7, 2007 version 1.2:

  • Added 2 new fields that can be displayed in the List view: Days Until and Unique ID#.  See "View / List Columns...".
  • Bug fix:
    • In some cases "weekly" repeating tasks would not repeat in the proper week

May 2, 2006 version 1.1:

  • Added option to display notes with "word wrap".  See "File / Options... / Options".
  • Bug fixes:
    • Task list was not automatically refreshing when the date changed
    • Sorting task list by "Alarm Time" was sorting alphabetically instead of by date/time

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