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Old Google Sync Versions Deprecated

To continue syncing contacts with Google, please upgrade to Handy Address Book 9.7 with Google 23, or later.  Older versions of Handy Address Book with Google Sync will no longer be able to sync with Google as of June 15, 2021.  Google has announced they will be shutting down the interface being used by older versions of Handy Address Book.  This shut-down will occur gradually starting June 15, 2021, and as of December 15, 2021 will be completely turned off.

Please note, the first time you do a sync after using a version prior to 9.7 your web browser will open up and Google will prompt you to give Handy permission to access your contacts. (more info)

All other features of the older Handy Address Book versions will continue to functional normally, this change only affects the ability to sync Handy Address Book's contacts with your Google account.

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