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Screen Shots

month calendar view
Month Calendar View
This screen shot shows the month view after the mouse has been clicked on the 11th of December.  (The mouse was not captured in the screen shot.)  You can customize any of the fonts or colors used in this calendar under the File/Options... menu command.  The size of the selected day expands to show the full title of the event.  In this case the mouse is positioned over "Mom's 75h Birthday", so this event is being displayed as selected. By clicking on the event from this point you can edit all the details of this event.
event list view
List View
This screen shot shows Remind-Me in the list view mode.  For this example, only holiday events are being listed.  Remind-Me has built-in support for all of these holidays.  You can add or import your own holidays, delete or modify the initial built in holidays.  The list can be sorted in either ascending or descending order based on the data in any column by clicking on the column header with your mouse.  The list as shown is being sorted by "Next Date", notice the small sort arrow in this column's header.
month and list view
Month and List View
Both the calendar and list views can be shown at the same time.  Clicking on any event in the list view will zoom the calendar view to that date.  The current and selected date are labeled in different colors than other days for quick reference.  Events that you mark as complete are considered "acknowledged" and can be displayed in a different color.  For example, the "Groundhog Day" event on February 2nd is blue because it was acknowledged already.
day calendar view
Day View
The Day and Week calendar views display all non-timed events along the top, and then the timed events beneath.  Events can be edited using your mouse.  Click and drag an edge or a whole event to modify the event.  The current time is displayed graphically along the left side (notice the orange bar near 4:30), and also numerically in the status bar.  All fonts/colors are adjustable, as well as the grid size (30 minutes in this picture).
week calendar view
Week View
The week calendar view is similar to the day view, but shows a whole week at a time.  The option "Show Weekends" is available to add weekends to the calendar.  The workday is shaded a different background color.  The work hours and time grid can be specified under "File / Options... / Other".
year calendar view
Year View
This screen shot shows Remind-Me's year view.  An entire calendar year is displayed.  When there is insufficient space to label events in any of the days on the calendar, a small down arrow is displayed.  Clicking on this arrow will expand the size of that day so the entire event title can be viewed. Home | Contact Us | Site Map | About Us | Privacy Policy