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Helpful Tips and Tricks

  • See the FAQ for commonly asked questions and answers.
  • Have Remind-Me start up hidden in your tray when your computer starts.  Specify this option under with the menu command "File/Options...", under the "Startup" tab.
  • Notice that Remind-Me's task tray icon displays the current day of the month, for easy, quick reference.
  • Within the calendar views use the arrow keys on your keyboard to quickly scroll the displayed month/year.
  • Move or copy an event on the calendar by clicking and dragging it with your mouse.  Hold down the Ctrl key while dragging to perform a copy, and note the cursor displays a "+" sign when copying.
  • Within the list view, click on any column header to sort the list by that column's data.  Click on it again to reverse the sort order.  Use "View / List Columns..." to customize the columns displayed in the list.
  • Change what data Remind-Me displays in the list and calendars by toggling on/off event types under the "Include" menu.
  • Acknowledge an event once you've completed it, so you aren't reminded of that occurrence again.
  • When both the list and month views are on, click on any event in the list to have it displayed in the month calendar view.
  • Within the calendar views, quickly edit or see the details of an event by moving your mouse over the event, and right clicking to choose the "Edit" command from the popup menu.
  • Within the calendar views use the "t" key to quickly zoom the calendar to today's date.
  • Import your own events from an iCalendar file.  A good source of events is available from
  • Keep your smart phone and Google calendar in sync with your Remind-Me calendar with the Google Sync add-on.  You can edit/add/delete events on any platform: phone, Google, or Remind-Me, and they will be displayed the same on all calendars.
  • Keep your Outlook calendar in sync with your Remind-Me calendar with the Outlook Sync add-on.  You can edit/add/delete events in either calendar, click a button to synchronize, and all events will be displayed on both calendars. Home | Contact Us | Site Map | About Us | Privacy Policy