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How can I include a Google calendar on my Remind-Me calendar?

You can include any shared Google calendar into your Remind-Me calendar by subscribing to the Google calendar.  The basic steps are to make sure the Google calendar is shared, locate the calendar address for the Google calendar you want to add, and then subscribe to it within Remind-Me.  Here are the detailed steps to take:

  1. Make your Google calendar public:  Browse to your Google calendar and from the calendar list on the left side of the page, click the down-arrow button next to the appropriate calendar, and choose Calendar settings.  In the Share this calendar tab, place a check mark next to Make this calendar public, and then press Save.
  2. Find the Google calendar address:  Go back to your Calendar Settings and in the Calendar Details tab look in the Calendar Address section.  Select the ICAL button to display your calendar address.  Select the address and copy it to the clipboard by using Ctrl+C.
  3. Subscribe to the calendar in Remind-Me:  Open up Remind-Me and select "File / Options... / Subscribe".  Press "New..." and assign this calendar a name and paste (using Ctrl+V) the calendar address from the prior step into the Calendar URL entry box.  Press OK, and then choose "Update Now".  You can set up a certain time each day for your subscribed calendars to refresh.

Subscribing to a Google calendar includes that calendar in your Remind-Me calendar.  Alternatively, you can synchronize your Remind-Me and Google calendars by using the Google Sync add-on.

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