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How do I fix an error when syncing with Google calendar?

A general overview of how to sync Remind-Me with Google's calendar is shown on the Google Sync Download page.  If you are receiving an error when you try to sync, please check these items:

  1. Make sure you have the latest version of the Google sync module installed.  Use "Help / About..." from within Remind-Me to view your installed version, and compare it against the version listed on the Google Sync Download page.  If you don't have the latest version, install it from this Google Sync Download page and then try your sync again.
  2. Verify your full Google e-mail address is entered correctly under "File / Options... / Sync"
  3. If your error is happening when performing a 2 way sync, try doing a 1 way sync once, and then switch back to a 2 way sync.  You set the sync type under "File / Options... / Sync".  For example, if your desired calendar data is already in Remind-Me, set the sync type to "Remind-Me Overwrites Google".  Perform this sync once, and if it completes without error, change your sync type back to "2 Way Sync", and then sync again.
  4. If the problem persists after completing all of the above steps, please send us a "Detailed" log of the failed sync from step 3.  To do this, go to "File / Options... / Sync", and set the "Log File:" to "Detailed".  Perform your 1 way sync.  Send us the log file as an email attachment.  Contact us for an email address to use.  You can find the log file by pressing "View..." in the "File / Options... / Sync" dialog, or you can find it in a hidden folder at: C:/Users/<username>/AppData/Roaming/Remind-Me/GSync/GSyncLog.txt.

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