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How can I backup up my Outlook Express mail and address book?

Outlook Express (now called "Windows Mail" under Vista and later) stores all of your e-mail in a "Store Folder".  Add this Store Folder to your backup sources in a backup configuration.  To find the location of this Store Folder, open up Outlook Express and choose these menu items:

Windows XP and earlier:  Tools / Options... / Maintenance / Store Folder...
Windows Vista and later:  Tools / Options... / Advanced / Maintenance... / Store Folder...

To backup your Outlook Express address book, follow these instructions:

Windows XP and earlier:  Your address book in a single *.wab file, located here:

C:\Documents and Settings\<user>\Application Data\Microsoft\Address Book\<user>.wab

Windows Vista and later:  Your contacts are stored as individual files in a single folder.  Add the following folder to a backup configuration:



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