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Feature List

Windows 10 and 11 Compatible
Safe Data Backup has been designed from the ground up with the latest versions of Windows in mind.  Safe Data Backup runs under both Windows 10 and 11.

Unlimited Backup Configurations
Create as many data backup configurations as you need.  You may want to create some backups that run daily, and others that run less often.  Maybe you want to create one configuration for manually backing up to DVD, and another for performing an automatic remote backup.

Uncompressed Backups
Create a backup that is an exact mirror image of your original data.  Data can easily be restored with any file copying program, such as Windows Explorer.

Compressed ZIP Backups
Creates an industry standard ZIP file.  The ZIP file can optionally be encrypted and password protected.  The encryption is done with the industry standard AES 256 algorithm for robust security.  The ZIP file can be opened with any utility that can read ZIP files, including Windows, WinZip, etc.

Backup to CD or DVD
Safe Data Backup can burn your data backup directly to CD or DVD.  No extra burning software is required when running under Windows XP or later.  If you are using a version of Windows before XP, you would need 3rd party software to burn to CD/DVD.  (DVD backups require Windows Vista or later.  CD backups available in Windows XP or later.)

Remote Backup via FTP
Upload your encrypted ZIP backup to an FTP server.  For extra safety, keeping a backup off site is a smart idea.  In the event of a disaster at your home/office you would still be able to retrieve your data from your off site backup.  Supports both FTP or SFTP/FTPS for secure uploads.

Remote Backup via E-Mail
E-mail your encrypted ZIP backup to yourself so that you have a remote copy of your data.  Safe Data Backup supports splitting the ZIP file into multiple parts to limit the size of any one attachment.  (Many mail servers have a limitation on the maximum size of an e-mail attachment.)

Backup Locked or Open Files
Safe Data Backup can successfully backup files that are currently locked or in use by other applications.  This feature is done utilizing the "Volume Shadow Service" feature built into Windows.

Network Drive Support
Backup files located on any drive, whether it is local or network drive.  Backup destinations can also be any local or network drive.

Scheduled Backups
Schedule your jobs to run automatically, so your backups always remain current.  Once you schedule a backup job you can just set it, and forget about it, knowing your data will always be backed up.

Save Revisions of Modified Files
Save multiple revisions of modified files.  This feature allows you to restore any older version of a file.  Safe Data Backup saves your revisions in the backup destination in a separate but parallel folder hierarchy.  This keeps your current backup an exact mirror copy of your current source data, while making revisions available when necessary.  This method makes restoring easier than with other data backup programs, as your revisions are not intermingled with your current backup.

Save Deleted Files
Save deleted files.  Deleted files are saved into the backup destination in a separate but parallel folder hierarchy.

Filtering Capabilities
Filter your data backups based on filename extension or attributes.  You may also specify certain files or folders to never back up.

Adjustable Backup Priority
Set the priority level used to run your backup job.  Set a higher priority level to complete the job faster, or a lower priority level to consume fewer system resources.

Integrate With Other Tasks
Optionally assign any other task to run before a backup job starts or after it completes.  Ideal for complex backup situations where you need to perform some other action before or after a data backup.

And Much More...
See the program's online help for more detailed documentation.  Some sample screen shots are also available. You can evaluate Safe Data Backup for free by obtaining a copy from the download page.  After evaluation of the program, to purchase a licensed copy, go to the purchase page. Home | Contact Us | Site Map | About Us | Privacy Policy