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The following download is a fully functional evaluation copy of Safe Data Backup.  Feel free to download and try it out before making any purchasing decision.  Installation is very simple, just download and run the following file:

Download Safe Data Backup
Supported Windows Versions: 10 and 11
download button Version 6.0
Released April 14, 2022

There are 2 limitations to the evaluation version that are removed in the licensed version:

  1. A maximum of 40 total data backup jobs can be run with the evaluation version.
  2. The evaluation version can only be started 60 times before a license key will be required.

If you decide to purchase you will be sent a license key to enter into the program.  This will convert the same program into a licensed copy.  There is no need for an additional download, and you can continue using your already created backup configurations.  Visit the purchase page for more details.

See the revision history for a list of changes.

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