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Revision History

When you purchase a Safe Data Backup license you receive free upgrades for 1 year from the date of your purchase.  If you would like to use a version released after 1 year you may upgrade at a reduced rate.  The release dates for each version are shown below.  You can download an older version for your license.

April 14, 2022 version 6.0:

  • Updated for Windows 11 compatibility
  • Added the ability to choose different toolbar button sizes.  See "File / Options... / Toolbar Button Size:".  Choose from <Automatic>, Tiny, Small, Medium, or Large.  The <Automatic> option selects an optimal size based on the screen's resolution, and is the default setting.
  • Added support for high resolution monitors
  • Updated the list view sort arrows to use more modern styling
  • Updated installer program
  • Updated OpenSSL version
  • Various updates in documentation
  • Other minor improvements

July 1, 2016 version 5.1:

  • Increased size of maximum backup path to 1023 characters.  Was previously limited to 259.
  • Added a "Notes" tab in the Backup Configuration dialog to record notes for each backup job.  Useful to help remember anything associated with this backup job.
  • Added support for sending emails through an SMTP server using TLS encryption.  Used to only support SSL, now support both SSL and TLS.  Available for emailing remote backup or emailing job log results.
  • Added support for SFTP and FTPS (explicit).  Now supports Plain FTP, SFTP - SSH File Transfer protocol, FTPS - Explicit FTP over TLS, and FTPS - Implicit FTP over TLS.
  • Added options for FTP upload to choose whether or not to validate SSL certificate authenticity and hostname match
  • Security and speed improvements: Re-built with latest compiler and security library (OpenSSL)
  • Added information to verbose log used for determining if a revision was made to a source file (size, attributes, date/time of last write)
  • Other minor improvements

August 23, 2015 version 5.0:

  • Updated for Windows 10 compatibility
  • Fixed issue where "Help / Contents…" would not properly display initial help page

March 2, 2015 version 4.2:

  • Improved reliability of setup program
  • Improved reading of license.  Extra line returns from email programs could sometimes cause license to be reported as invalid.
  • Bug fix: Fixed small memory leak upon program exit

November 29, 2014 version 4.1:

  • Updated links in program to all use HTTPS instead of HTTP
  • Security improvement: Updated to current OpenSSL library for sending email via SSL
  • Bug fix: Program could crash if the Revision path got too long
  • Bug fix: When specifying multiple comma delimited recipients for email backup and using SSL the email would fail
  • Bug fix: In some rare cases sending an email could cause the program to crash

February 8, 2014 version 4.0:

  • Updated for Windows 8 compatibility
  • Improved backup for more robustness related to keeping deleted files marked as read-only

October 24, 2011 version 3.3:

  • Improved robustness of FTPs remote backup uploads

September 27, 2011 version 3.2:

  • Improved installation program to verify required .NET Framework version (2.0) is installed on the computer.  This is required for the new FTPs feature.

September 26, 2011 version 3.1:

  • Added FTPs (Secure FTP) remote backup option
  • Improved adding files/folders to backup configurations by adding drag and drop support when User Account Control (UAC) is on.  Previously drag and drop was only available when UAC was off.
  • Bug fix: List view columns could have their data displayed out of order after columns were re-ordered
  • Other minor improvements

December 14, 2009 version 3.0:

  • Added support for running under Windows 7
  • Added option to send an e-mail with the results of a backup job after it finishes
  • Added support for e-mail servers requiring a secure connection (SSL).  Used when sending remote backups by e-mail or for e-mailing job results.

July 14, 2009 version 2.1:

  • Added support for using Windows Task Scheduler under Windows XP when the username does not have an assigned password.  Previously this option was only available under Vista.

February 12, 2009 version 2.0:

  • Added support for running under all 64 bit versions of Vista.  Supported Windows versions now include Windows 98, ME, NT, 2000, XP, 2003, and Vista (both 32 and 64 bit versions).

July 8, 2008 version 1.4:

  • Improved FTP upload robustness to handle various error conditions better

January 1, 2008 version 1.3:

  • Bug fix: Spanning multiple DVDs would error out in some cases
  • Updated documentation to correctly reflect that the XP CD Burning Wizard only supports burning CDs, and not DVDs.  DVD burning is only supported under Vista or later.

December 10, 2007 version 1.2:

  • Bug fix: The option "File / Options... / Remove Excluded Files/Folders from Uncompressed Backup" was not working properly when the backup source was a network share path.
  • Bug fix: Compressed backups would fail when certain special characters were present in filenames.

November 13, 2007 version 1.1:

  • Added "Internal Scheduler" option.  Can now use either the built-in internal scheduler, or the Windows Task Scheduler to launch scheduled backup jobs.  The internal scheduler can be useful when the user account has an empty password.  On Windows XP and later, the default behavior of the Task Scheduler is to not run tasks for users with an empty password.
  • Added capability to override requirement that Windows Task Scheduler jobs have a non-empty password.  Starting with Windows XP, the default behavior is to not allow scheduled tasks when the user's password is empty.  This is a security precaution.  When this situation occurs, Safe Data Backup will now give you the choice of overriding this behavior, so that Windows Task Scheduler can run jobs when the user has an empty password.  [more info]
  • Improved logging and other minor cosmetic updates.

November 5, 2007 version 1.0:

  • Bug fix: Configuration dialog would re-center itself unexpectedly when switching to Schedule/Advanced tabs the first time

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