Backup Configurations - Advanced Properties


The configuration properties dialog has 4 pages: General, Schedule, Advanced, and Notes.  A view of the Advanced page is shown here:




Enable this option to make an uncompressed mirror image backup of your selected backup sources.  The backup will be located in your backup destination.  When backing up uncompressed files/folders you also have the option of saving deleted and modified files in a parallel backup location.  For more on this type of backup, see Uncompressed File/Folder Backup and Backup Destination Hierarchy.


Enable this option to create one or more ZIP files containing your selected backup sources.  When creating a compressed backup, the ZIP file(s) will be located in the backup destination under the Compressed folder.  The ZIP file(s) can optionally be encrypted.  The encryption method used is AES 256.  When making a compressed backup, you also have the option of FTP or E-Mail remote backup, splitting your compressed zip, and applying a date filter.

Backup Job Options

Use these settings to set the priority at which the backup job will run, or select tasks to run before/after the backup job starts/finishes.  The backup priority allows you to control how much system resources are used during the backup.  Select a lower priority to use less resources, which will take a longer time for the backup to complete.  Select a higher priority to complete the backup more quickly, and use more system resources.

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