Finding an Address


There are 2 methods to search for an address, the Quick Search and the Find Dialog.


Quick Search

This is the quickest and easiest way to find an address.  Just start typing on your keyboard the beginning part of the name you want to find.  As you type, the first address that matches all the characters you've typed will be selected.  Continue typing additional characters to refine your quick search.  The characters that you've typed will show up in the status bar.  You can use the Backspace key to erase the last character in your quick search string.  You can use the Escape key to cancel your quick search, or just performing any other action will automatically cancel the quick search.


The quick search will only select a displayed addressAlphabet, category, or private filtering can affect which addresses are being displayed.


You can use either of the "Name" fields to perform your quick search.  When you customize the Address List columns you can choose either (or both) of these formats for the Name field:


Last, First

First Last


The quick search text will operate on the left most name field in your Address List.



Find Dialog

For more advanced search options you can use the Find Addresses dialog.  Choose Edit/Find... from the menu, or select the Find button on the tool bar. 


Search for the word(s)

Enter the search text.  The search text is case insensitive.


Choose which fields to search in.  You can use this to control where the search is performed.  For example, if you only want to search based on name, choose Name Fields.


Select this button to adjust search options.  When searching for text, you can have this search text highlighted in the main Details Window.  This can make it easier to find your search text, especially when you are searching for text in a large section of notes.  A search option is also available to control whether your current address selections are to be cleared between searches.  You can turn off this option to make multiple selections across multiple searches.


Once you enter your search text and specify which fields to search in, select the Find button to perform the search.  All matching addresses will be displayed in the list.  The search is performed on all addresses, not just the displayed addresses.  The search will not include private addresses if View/Private is turned off.


To view an address from your search results, select it in the list.  The same address will be displayed in the main Address List.  You can select multiple search results using the Ctrl and Shift keys.


Usage Tip:

When entering search text, the default button on this dialog box is the Find button.  That way, you can enter your search text, and just hit the Enter key on your keyboard, rather than using your mouse to select the Find button.  Once you hit the Enter key on the keyboard, focus is automatically changed to the results list.  You can scroll up/down with your arrow keys.  When the input focus is on the results list, the default button for this dialog becomes the Close button.  This way, you can scroll to the address you want, and hit the Enter key to close the Find Addresses dialog and display your event in the main Address List.  This methodology allows you to use this dialog more easily with just your keyboard, rather than having to also use your mouse.


To customize which fields are displayed in the Find Dialog, right mouse click on the search results list view and choose Customize... from the popup menu.  [more info]


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