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Revision History

When you purchase a Remind-Me license you receive free updates for 1 year from the date of your purchase.  If you would like to use a version released after 1 year you may upgrade at a reduced rate.  To find your purchase date look in Remind-Me under "Help / About...".  The release dates for each version are shown below.  You can download an older version for your license.

September 1, 2023 version 10.5:

  • Fixed bug where the new "..." button in the Find dialog box was not being displayed for large or extra large dialog box sizes
  • Added a new option to automatically notify you when there is a new version available.  You can control if and how often checks are performed at "File / Options... / Prompts / New Version Check:".

August 29, 2023 version 10.4:

  • Added the ability to filter the Find results by acknowledgment status (whether or not the event has been completed).  See the new "..." button in the Find dialog.  You can choose to display both acknowledged and un-acknowledged, only acknowledged, or only un-acknowledged events.
  • Added a wildcard search string (*) to the Find dialog box to list all events within the specified date range
  • Improved remembering of initial window position by remembering the window state (restored or maximized) instead of just the size
  • The default time duration of an event now defaults to the duration of the most recently added/edited event, instead of always 30 minutes.  This way, if you commonly work with events of the same duration it makes it easier to add new events.  When creating a new event by double clicking on the Day or Week calendars, the duration defaults to the time grid size (which is adjustable under Display options).
  • Added more information/detail in the "Detailed" sync log
  • Minor display improvements
  • Fixed bug in Google Sync where if you changed the start/end time of a repeating event the changes wouldn't sync to Google
  • Updated Google API library to latest version (Google sync module: 26)

July 21, 2023 version 10.3:

  • Improved setup program to add an option to launch program once complete
  • Fixed issue with duplicate exceptions causing errors when syncing with Google
  • Fixed issue with exceptions without parents causing an error when syncing with Google
  • Updated Google API library to latest version (API: 1.61, Google sync module: 25)

November 21, 2022 version 10.2:

  • Fixed bug where tray icon tooltip that shows upcoming events would sometimes not be updated

November 8, 2022 version 10.1:

  • Added a new option to modify the display of Remind-Me's icons whenever the Alarm List is open.  Useful to help know that alarms are being shown, in case the Alarm List is behind another window.  The main program's icon has a bright red dot added and the background color of the task tray icon can be red, green, blue, or yellow.  See "File / Options... / Other / Tray Icon Colored When Alarms are Open" to enable/disable this feature and select the desired icon background color.
  • Increased the maximum SMTP password size from 63 to 255 characters
  • The down arrow in the calendar views (indicating more events) is now scaled larger with larger day of month font size.  Previously the size was set to a maximum, and didn't scale with larger fonts.
  • When importing a .ics file that contains only 1 event, the calendar display is moved to the next occurrence of that event if the option "File / Options... / Other / Move Selected Calendar Date When Adding Events" is checked
  • Eliminated button to make Remind-Me the iCalendar (*.ics file and webcal protocol) handler, as this feature is now disabled by Windows.  Added documentation on how to change through Windows.  Button was located at: "File / Options... / Import / Make Remind-Me Default Handler".
  • Updated Google API library to latest version (API: 1.57, Google sync module: 24)

February 15, 2022 version 10.0:

  • Updated for Windows 11 compatibility
  • Added multiple monitor support.  Dialog boxes are displayed centered on the monitor where Remind-Me is located, except the Alarm List dialog which is always displayed on the Primary monitor.
  • Improved the centering of dialog boxes when displayed, so they are always fully visible
  • Resizable dialog boxes have their position/size on the screen memorized, so when you recall that dialog the next time, it is initialized to the same position/size.  Includes Alarm List, Find, Category Filter, and Choose Columns to Display dialogs.
  • Added the ability to export the whole calendar database to a standard iCalendar (*.ics) file. See "File / Options... / Import / Export Entire Calendar to iCalendar (*.ics) File..."
  • Improved the event copy feature so that it can copy events that do not have any remaining un-acknowledged occurrences
  • Updated Google API library to latest version (API: 1.55, Google sync module: 23)
  • Fixed an issue with exporting iCalendar (*.ics) files to a file.  It was ignoring the user-selected path, and saving them to the last path instead.

January 30, 2021 version 9.3:

  • Added an option to choose the size for dialog boxes throughout the program.  See "File / Options... / Prompts / Dialog Boxes Size" to choose between Standard, Large, or X-Large.
  • Updated Google API library to latest version (API: 1.49.0, Google sync module: 22)

May 25, 2020 version 9.2:

  • Added a new option to remember your preference for snooze time in the alarm window.  See "File / Options... / Prompts / Default Snooze Time".  You can select a sepecific time or <Last Snooze Time>.
  • Improved the "Find" dialog.  Added an option to find "Occurrences", so if an event repeats multiple times in the find date range, it is listed once for each occurrence, instead of just once per event.
  • Improved the "Find" dialog.  Added an option to only search in comments
  • Updated Google API library to latest version (API: 1.45.0, Google sync module: 21)
  • The month/year drop-down controls on the calendar views could sometimes be sized incorrectly (too small) on high resolution displays
  • Fixed the command to make Remind-Me the default iCalendar handler under "File / Options... / Import".  It stopped working under Windows 10.
  • Added links to the "About..." and "Register..." dialog boxes to make upgrading an old license easier

February 12, 2019 version 9.1:

  • Changed default font for month calendar view event/day to Tahoma 10.  Was previously Arial 8.
  • Improved default colors on month calendar view to make day of month and month/year header more readable

February 4, 2019 version 9.0:

  • Added support for high resolution (DPI) displays, so the display is always crips/clear for any resolution.  Previously the window could be scaled by Windows when the display scale was >100%, causing a blurred appearance.
  • Updated quality of displayed images throughout the program for improved appearance
  • Added option to choose different toolbar button sizes.  See "File / Options... / Toolbar / Button Size".  Button sizes can be <Automatic>, Tiny, Small, Medium, or Large.
  • Added support for hyperlinks in event comments.  Entering text with a URL protocol (http://, https://, or file:// for example) will automatically be shown as a link so you can double click on the linked text to open that address in the associated application.  For example, web addresses will be opened with a web browser.
  • Improved toolbar display in Print Preview window, so it doesn't flicker when scrolling through pages
  • Updated Google API library to latest version (API: 1.38.0, Google sync module: 20)
  • Added product release date in About... dialog
  • Dropped support for XP and Vista.  Supported versions of Windows are 7, 8, and 10.
  • Removed Gmail OAuth2 e-mail sending method.  Google is disabling access to the required sensitive scope.  Updated instructions on how to use an "App password" or enable "Less secure app access" when using Gmail's SMTP server.
  • Bug fix: The "Show tooltips" option was not working on the toolbar.  The tooltip was never being displayed.

April 27, 2018 version 8.8:

  • Improved the toolbar by making it user-adjustable.  You can now add/remove buttons for a variety of commonly used commands.  You can also control the appearance of the button, including whether text labels are shown on the buttons.  Right mouse click on the toolbar and choose "Customize..." or select "File / Options... / Toolbar".
  • Added an option to control the initial default selection when deleting a recurring event.  Choose between single occurrence or all occurrences.  See "File / Options... / Prompts / Delete Recurring Prompt Defaults to "All Occurrences"".
  • Added ability to print the Find results list
  • Added optional new List view field "Next Age" to show the age they will be on their next birthday or anniversary.  Previously, only "Current Age" was available as an option.  Now both are available choices.
  • Added a new color choice for the drop-down arrow used when displaying "More" events for the day.  Under "File / Options... / Colors", see the custom color choice "More Events" Down Arrow.
  • Improved several dialog displays to include the icon in title bar for better association/appearance.  (Alarm List, Find, Category Filter, and View List Columns dialogs)
  • Added more detail in the Google Sync debug log, including a link to each event, so in the case of problems it is easier to identify/find the problematic event
  • Changed message box text that asks whether to delete a specific occurrence or the whole event to format the date using the Windows short date format, instead of being hard coded to month/day/year format.
  • Fixed "Desktop Wallpaper" feature, so that it updates as soon as display preferences are changed that affect the month calendar display.  Also updates for the option "Options... / Display / Draw X Over Past Days" whenever a new X is drawn.
  • Right mouse clicking on day of week labels and choosing "Week Starts On..." would bring up the wrong options dialog page.  Corrected to bring up the "Display" tab.

November 20, 2017 version 8.7:

  • Fixed a bug where Google sync could fail when Detailed logging was enabled

November 14, 2017 version 8.6:

  • Made several of the dialog boxes re-sizable.  This includes the Find, Category Filter, and List View Columns dialog boxes.
  • Added "File / Properties…" command to display information on currently opened data file. This includes the data file location, number of total/displayed events, the number of each type of event, size of file, date last modified, etc.
  • Added an option in the Find dialog to search either all or just the displayed events.  Displayed events are controlled by the choices under the top level "Include" menu, where you can filter by event type or category.
  • Added startup check to ensure window is not completely positioned off the screen
  • Disabled the "Delete" keyboard shortcut when the "List" view isn't displayed.  Previously that keyboard shortcut worked even when the List view was not displayed, causing confusion.
  • Google Sync improvements.  Updated to latest API library for improved reliability (Google Sync 17)
  • Improved robustness of Google Overwrites Remind-Me sync type. (Ignore "deleted" events, which were causing crashing before) (Google Sync 17)

April 12, 2017 version 8.5:

  • Improved options for sending email reminders.  Added support for OAuth 2.0 authentication when using Gmail's SMTP mail server.  Prevents having to enable "Allow Less Secure Apps" in Google account, or getting an application specific password and turning on 2-step authentication.  See the new "Use Modern Security Protocol (OAuth 2.0)" option in the "E-Mail Configuration" dialog.  This option is only available when the mail server is set to  For more details, see the "Special Notes for Sending with Gmail" in the online help.
  • Display option added to control formatting of timed events in calendar views.  Can have the time/event shown on 2 lines as it was previously, or compacted onto a single line.  Single line choice gives several format options for how to display the time.  See "File / Options... / Display / Timed Event Display Format".
  • On the "Display" tab in the "Event Information" dialog, when you un-check "Use Default" for either the foreground or background colors the color selector is displayed.  Previously you also had to press the "Select..." button before the color selector would be displayed.  Same logic applies when setting colors for a category.
  • Google Sync improvements.  Updated to latest API library for improved reliability (Google Sync 16)

June 28, 2016 version 8.4:

  • Bug fix: When sending a reminder email that uses an include file and sending via SMTP the email would fail
  • Google Sync improvements related to error messages and reading in older file formats (Google Sync 15)

May 23, 2016 version 8.3:

  • Added support for sending email reminders through SMTP mail servers that require TLS encryption (previously only supported SSL).  See "Configure..." under the "Email" tab in the "Event Information" dialog.
  • Added new option to always reset display date to current date whenever window is restored from the tray or started with the program icon.  See "File / Options... / Display / Show Today When Restoring From Tray".
  • Built with the latest compiler for improved speed and security
  • Google Sync improvements (Google Sync 14)
    • Made reading/writing date in IDMap.txt culture independent and more reliable
    • Fixed error message when no events were available to sync

March 30, 2016 version 8.2:

  • Added optional feature to password protect your calendar.  Enable under "File / Options... / Password" to password protect your calendar.  When enabled you will need to enter your password when initially starting Remind-Me.  When enabled the data file is stored encrypted.
  • Added option to display week numbers on the month calendar.  Week numbers are not shown by default.  See "File / Options... / Display / Month Calendar Week Numbers" to enable this option.  Both the "North American" and "ISO-8601" numbering systems are available to display.
  • When syncing with Google added a sync option to filter by category which events will be synced to the Google calendar.  By default events in all categories are synced.  See "File / Options... / Sync / Advanced... / Category Filter..." to control which events are synced.  You can pick to sync all events in all categories (the default), or only events in selected categories, or all events except those belonging to selected categories.  Events in categories not being synced will remain un-changed on your Remind-Me calendar, but not synced to your Google calendar.  This option is also useful to include/exclude subscribed calendars when syncing, as each subscribed calendar get placed in its own category.
  • Improved reliability of Google sync.  (sometimes the ID Map table could not be read in)
  • Added a new option to hide previous/next month days on the monthly calendar.  See "File / Options... / Display / Hide Prior/Next Month Days on Month Calendar".  When this option is on the monthly calendar will not display information for days from the prior or next month.  Only days in the selected month will have their data shown.  Prior/next month days will not have their day of month label or any events displayed, they will just be blank.
  • Added new option to draw a large X over days before the current date in the month calendar.  Option is off by default.  See "File / Options... / Display / Draw X Over Past Days on Month Calendar".
  • Added support for the Ctrl+A shortcut to select all the text in the comments area in the Event Information dialog
  • Check window position upon startup, and make sure it is not off the screen

December 27, 2015 version 8.1:

  • Updated for Outlook 2016 support when syncing with Outlook

August 4, 2015 version 8.0:

  • Updated for Windows 10. Supported operating systems now include Windows XP through Windows 10 (32 and 64 bit).
  • Fixed bug in "Help / Contents..." page not displaying initially
  • Improved ICS import to be more flexible for slightly illegal file formats

March 8, 2015 version 7.8:

  • Fixed a small memory leak upon program exit
  • Improved robustness of parsing license key.  Some email clients were inserting line feeds in the middle of the license which caused problems reading the license.
  • Improved robustness of the setup program

November 28, 2014 version 7.7:

  • Google Sync improvement: Improved reliability when deleting events from Google
  • Google Sync bug fix: In some cases events added to Google calendar very near when a sync was being done could be skipped on the next sync
  • Bug fix: License key would not be remembered when running in Portable mode

November 20, 2014 version 7.6:

  • Google Sync improvements: Improved error messages and implemented a variety of improvements to improve robustness of syncing
  • Google Sync improvement: Made it easier to request new access code for syncing to Google. Helpful when access was granted to a different Google account than desired.  Changing the email account name, applying, and changing it back will cause a new access code to be requested.

October 31, 2014 version 7.5:

  • Google Sync improvements: Improved error messages and implemented a variety of improvements to improve robustness of syncing

October 27, 2014 version 7.4:

  • Updated website links to all use HTTPS
  • Google Sync improvement: Updated authentication method to use Google recommended OAuth2.  Offers improved security, as only permissions necessary for syncing with calendar is granted, and it is not necessary to enter your Google password.  You no longer need to leave "Access for less secure apps" enabled in your Google account's security settings.
  • Google Sync improvement: Updated to use Google's newest interface (APIv3).  Prior sync used APIv2, which will be deprecated by Google on November 17, 2014.  (more info)

June 19, 2014 version 7.3:

  • Added word wrap option for event comments.  See "File / Options... / Prompts / Word Wrap Comments".  When enabled, comments are word wrapped in the event editor, and also when printing event details.
  • Miscellaneous Google sync improvements:
    • Improved robustness of adding events to Google (added exponential backoff retries)
    • Improved syncing certain monthly repeating events with Google so they are editable in Google without warning of a repeat frequency that can't be edited
    • New advanced option for the Google sync: "All Day Reminder Reference Time".  Can be set to either 5pm or Midnight.  Notifications for all day events are supposed to be relative to 5pm the prior day, but for some users they are relative to midnight instead.  For example, a 9 hour advance notification comes up at 3pm, not the desired 8am.  If all day event reminders are coming 7 hours later than expected, change this option to Midnight.  See "File / Options... / Sync / Advanced...".
    • New advanced option for the Google sync: "Skip syncing events with a repeat frequency that cannot be edited with Google".  When this option is turned on only events with a repeat pattern editable by Google's web based calendar interface will by synced from Remind-Me to Google.  Meant to help with some mobile devices that do not support certain more advanced repeat frequencies.  See "File / Options... / Sync / Advanced...".
  • Added 2 new email mail merge fields <NameBeg> and <NameEnd> to get the beginning and ending parts of the name field.  Determines the beginning/end from space characters.  Meant to help get the first or last name only.
  • Bug fix: Keyboard shortcuts would not always work, depending on which window had the input focus

December 2, 2013 version 7.2:

  • Miscellaneous Google sync improvements
  • Bug fix: In some cases when importing icalendar (*.ICS) files the time zone information could be incorrectly determined, causing the time of an importing event to be wrong
  • Bug fix: The new event default alarm hour would sometimes not be remembered and used
  • Bug fix: Under 64 bit operating systems when the Sound Recorder program was located in the System32 folder, requesting an audio file be attached to an email would fail to launch Sound Recorder

April 6, 2013 version 7.1:

  • Bug fix: In the version that syncs with Outlook the commands under the older "Tools" menu were not available in Outlook 2013.  Created as new buttons under the ADD-INS tab.

April 2, 2013 version 7.0:

  • Updated for Windows 8 compatibility
  • Added new "Portable Mode" so Remind-Me can be run from a memory stick, allowing you to take your calendar with you
  • Improved calendar printing options.  Any of the day/week/month/year calendar views can now be printed for any desired date range.  Previously, only the calendar covering the currently selected date could be printed.
  • Improved pasting flexibility in calendar views.  Can now copy event from one date, and paste it onto another date using right mouse menu on calendar views.
  • Added option to print Alarm List contents in detail.  Right mouse click in alarm list to select "Print / Print All".
  • Clicking on Remind-Me icon in task tray toggles between hidden/restore instead of always just restoring
  • Add keyboard shortcuts "Ctrl + P" for print command and "Ctlr + H" for hide command
  • Some text in the New Event Default Options dialog was partially cut off for the "Notify At Startup" default option
  • Added sync module number to About... dialog
  • Added support for Outlook 2013 when syncing with Outlook
  • Bug fix: E-mail reminders to multiple recipients would fail when using a mail server that required SSL

April 29, 2012 version 6.3:

  • Google Sync reliability improvement.  In some cases a Google Overwrites Remind-Me type sync could fail.
  • Improved keyboard shortcuts to eliminate conflicts in the Event Editor dialog
  • Bug fix: In some cases you could get stuck in the Options... dialog when turning on the Google Sync feature
  • Bug fix: Desktop wallpaper would not always display events

August 5, 2011 version 6.2:

  • Bug fix: Version 6.1 could crash when opening data files created with versions of Remind-Me before 6.0

August 3, 2011 version 6.1:

  • Improved error reporting in the Google Sync add-on
  • Added "(Google Sync in Progress...)" to title bar while a Google sync is in progress
  • Added ability to control advanced details of time zone information in iCalendar exports
  • Bug fix: Invalid exceptions (dates in a recurring event where the occurrence was deleted) would cause the Google sync to fail
  • Bug fix: Repeating timed events synced to Google would sometimes be displayed incorrectly on Google calendar

July 31, 2011 version 6.0:

  • Synchronize Remind-Me with your Google calendar and thus your smartphone.  [more info]
  • Outlook 2010 syncing support
  • Added "Last Modified" and "Created" date/time to list of available fields for sorting/displaying in List view
  • Bug fixes relating to iCalendar file (*.ics) format

July 6, 2010 version 5.3:

  • Calendar subscriptions added.  You can now subscribe to any number of calendars on the internet.  Each subscribed calendar is placed onto your Remind-Me calendar in a category name you specify.  Subscribed calendars are automatically updated daily.  Many calendars are available on sites such as  To subscribe to a calendar either manually enter calendar address in Remind-Me at "File / Options... / Subscribe", or click on a webcal:// URL within your web browser.  See Calendar Subscriptions in the online help for more information.

March 8, 2010 version 5.2:

  • Added option to display month calendar as desktop wallpaper.  See "File / Options... / Other / Show Calendar as Desktop Wallpaper".
  • Tray icon tooltip displays alarms due today.  Hover your mouse over Remind-Me's icon in the tray to see this quick list of alarms for today.
  • Added option to include event start time in the alarm list.  See "File / Options... / Other / Alarm List Shows Start Time in Name".
  • Fixed task tray icon to update more reliably when Windows comes out of hibernation
  • Fixed issue where desktop icon would sometimes not display the window if it was already running and hidden, and started by the setup program
  • Bug fix: List view columns could display data in wrong order after columns were re-ordered with drag/drop

October 30, 2009 version 5.1:

  • Updated for Windows 7 compatibility
  • Added ability to customize Alarm List font.  Right mouse click on the alarm list to change.
  • Bug fix: Forward/Backward buttons in month view could sometimes skip a month when current day didn't exist in next/last month
  • Bug fix: When setting "time grid" under File / Options... / Other to 60 minutes the change was ignored
  • Bug fix: Program could crash under certain circumstances

November 11, 2008 version 5.0:

  • New "Day" and "Week" calendar views.  Shows timed events on a time grid for viewing a daily schedule.  Easily modify events using the mouse by clicking/dragging.
  • New "Day" and "Week" printing choices
  • Added "Category" support.  Events can be assigned to any number of user-definable categories.  Categories can be assigned color display options to easily identify which events belong in which categories.  Category filter enables only displaying events from selected categories.  Imported iCalendar (*.ics) files can be assigned to a category for easy filtering.
  • Improved event editor, making "Comments" section much larger
  • Added support for sending email through mail servers that require a secure connection (SSL)
  • Improved toolbar.  Added "Find", "Day", "Week", and "Filter" buttons.  Existing buttons made more colorful.
  • Improved "Print" dialog to allow selection of the printer, and show selected printer's status
  • Tasks now support a much wider variety of commands.  Enter a document name, program, or URL.
  • Improved robustness of task tray icon.  If Windows Explorer crashes, Remind-Me will replace its icon in the notification area (task tray) when Windows Explorer re-starts.
  • Bug fix relating to importing iCalendar files.  When certain fields were 'folded' Remind-Me would fail to import this event.

September 3, 2008 version 4.8:

  • Improved Print Preview feature for Vista compatibility

May 12, 2008 version 4.7:

  • Updated Print Preview feature for Vista SP1 compatibility
  • Accessibility improvements:
    • Tab key moves keyboard focus between List and calendar windows
    • Improved tab order on Alarm List dialog
    • Space key toggles acknowledged state on selected event in Alarm List dialog

March 18, 2008 version 4.6:

  • Alarm List dialog can now be re-sized
  • Alarm List dialog size and position preference memorized/restored automatically
  • Alarm List dialog can be maximized
  • Bug fix - Email reminders being sent via SMTP mail server would fail under Vista when User Account Control (UAC) was on

July 22, 2007 version 4.5:

  • Vertical and horizontal scroll bars are displayed on the "Comments" edit box when needed
  • Setup program now adds a shortcut on the Desktop (in addition to Start menu)
  • One Outlook add-in now works for all supported Outlook versions.  (Eliminated version that was only for Outlook 2007.)
  • Added category filtering for Outlook conduit.  See "Tools / Remind-Me Options... / Category filter..." from within Outlook.
  • Windows Vista compatibility improvement (runs with permissions of regular Vista application)
  • Bug fixes:
    • Acknowledging an event with no alarms from the calendar view would not always work
    • Browse/Backup/Restore commands would not display under Windows 98
    • Outlook syncing to non-default calendar would fail to remove events deleted in Outlook

April 2, 2007 version 4.4:
(For licensing purposes the release date of 4.4 remains the same as version 4.3 (March 28, 2007) since this release is strictly a maintenance release.)

  • Bug fix - Program could crash when selecting an event with a large amount of notes

March 28, 2007 version 4.3:

  • New Backup and Restore menu commands.  See "File / Backup..." and "File / Restore...".
  • Added support for using Windows Vista's "Default Programs" to assign Remind-Me as the default handler for iCalendar (*.ics) files
  • Eliminated "flickering" in the status bar when running under Vista
  • Bug fix - List view sorting wasn't always sorting properly if the list view columns had been changed from the default order

March 5, 2007 version 4.2:

  • Updated for Windows Vista
  • New Outlook 2007 conduit available
  • Updated Daylight Savings Time events for new times starting in 2007
  • New events are selected in the list view after being added
  • Added option to control whether calendar selection date is moved when adding new events (File / Options... / Other / Move Selected Calendar Date When Adding Events)
  • When adding built-in holidays to the calendar, now have the option of only adding the missing ones
  • Warning issued when adding holidays that already exist on the calendar
  • Alarm List column sorting preferences are memorized independently from the main list view
  • When deleting an event from the list view, maintain the selection, or select adjacent entry
  • Added current version and release date information into "Help / Register..." dialog
  • Bug fixes:
    • Birthday and anniversary ages over 100 years old were not displaying proper suffix
    • Column width preferences for list view were not being memorized across sessions
    • Acknowledging an event from the Alarm List was not refreshing calendar display, to show the event in the acknowledged color

February 9, 2006 version 4.1:
(For licensing purposes the release date of 4.1 remains the same as version 4.0 (2/4/06) since this release is primarily a maintenance release.)

  • Added "Alarm List..." item to tray popup menu
  • Memorize "custom colors" palette from session to session
  • Bug fixes:
    • Snoozing was being allowed when "Quit After Displaying Due Alarms" option was on.  Disabled snooze option in this case.
    • Preferences were not being saved on computer shutdown
    • Eliminated message box in "File / Options... / Import" when there is no default iCalendar (*.ics) handler
    • In some cases the Find... command could cause the program to crash
    • In some cases printing could cause the program to crash

February 4, 2006 version 4.0:

  • "Snooze" the alarm list for any amount of time
  • Bring up current alarm list at any time with "View / Alarm List"
  • Full support for iCalendar files: import, export, forward by email, and drag and drop
  • Printing improvements:
    • Print preview
    • List style can print any fields in any order.  Adjust with "View / List Columns..."
    • Grid and shading options for List print style
    • Print either selected or displayed events
    • New "Details" style printing.  Print selected, displayed, for a specific date, or just a certain event.
    • Right mouse menu shortcuts for fast printing
    • Preferences memorized from session to session
  • Copy and paste events
  • Drag and drop events on the calendar to move or copy
  • Adjust colors for prior/next month, weekends, and acknowledged event text
  • Optionally loop alarm sounds until dismissed
  • List view improvements:
    • Select multiple events from the List view at once (useful for deleting/acknowledging/printing multiple events at once)
    • Font size, style, and color of List view text is now adjustable
    • More possible List view fields.  Customize which fields to display, and their order with "View / List Columns..."
  • Email improvements:
    • Mail merge (customize subject and message body per event)
    • Customizable subjects for each event type
    • Send email to multiple recipients
    • The "To" field no longer sets the "display name" to the event name, just uses email address
  • Option to start calendar week display with any day (Sun, Mon, ...)
  • Scheduled event repeat options shown in the title of the Event Information dialog
  • Added "Selected" and "Displayed" event count to the status bar
  • When displaying multiple alarm dialogs, they are now offset to be seen easier
  • Option to add default set of US holidays onto calendar
  • New installation program
  • Support for multiple users on a single computer.  Changed default location of data file from installation folder to C:\Documents and Settings\<username>\Application Data\Remind-Me.
  • Slightly increased size of alarm list dialog
  • Improved robustness against corrupted data file (mydata.bdy).  Changes are now saved when made, and not at computer shutdown.
  • Outlook Conduit improvements:
    • Automatically synchronize every X minutes option
    • Select which Outlook calendar to synchronize with
  • Increased the number of stored automatic backups to 30
  • Modern "XP" style visual theme appearance
  • Online help updated to be HTML based
  • Bug fixes:
    • Keyboard accelerators were not working if List view had keyboard focus
    • Some color settings may not have displayed properly

September 3, 2004 version 3.9:

  • Added option to always bring the alarm window to the foreground.  See "File / Options... / Prompts / Always Bring Alarm Window to Foreground".
  • Added mouse wheel support.  Rotating the mouse wheel behaves like the up/down arrow keys.

July 7, 2004 version 3.8:

  • Removed all email addresses from documentation, replaced with contact form at  Attempting to address spam problems...

February 16, 2004 version 3.7:

  • All calendar colors user adjustable. See "File/Options.../Colors".
  • Significantly decreased size of download package.
  • When changing the start time, the end time updates automatically to keep the duration of the event constant.
  • Comments edit box changed to auto-wrap instead of auto-scroll.
  • After editing an event from the list, it always stays visible, rather than possibly getting scrolled out of view.
  • Fixes in Outlook conduit for Outlook 2003, more robust loading/unloading.
  • bug fix: Auto-Backup was not always working if Remind-Me was exited during computer shutdown.
  • bug fix: List view column order would revert to the default from the set preferences in some cases.
  • bug fix: Printing a calendar would sometimes print the wrong month/year.
  • Upgrade policy changed.  New users will receive free upgrades for 1 year.  All currently registered users are grand-fathered, and will continue to  receive free upgrades for life.

September, 9, 2003 version 3.6:

  • Added option to send E-Mail reminders using SMTP server
  • Install/Uninstall improvements (greater reliability)
  • bug fix: Grandparent's Day corrected to the first Sunday after Labor Day

July 22, 2003 version 3.5:

  • Improved Outlook syncing. Fixed situation that could cause sync to fail.
  • Option to not use "SMTP:" in MAPI address for some AOL/Netscape versions.
  • Warned if entered event doesn't have any occurrences
  • Improved reliability of setting task tray icon

April 21, 2003 version 3.4:

  • bug fix: The "T" key was mapped to multiple shortcuts (Today and alTernate palm conduit). Changed shortcut for alterNate palm conduit to "Ctrl + N".

April 19, 2003 version 3.3:

  • bug fix: incorrect font used when printing event time on calendars

April 12, 2003 version 3.2:

  • support for optional add-on: "Remind-Me Conduit for Outlook"
    • synchronize your Remind-Me calendar with Outlook (2000 or later)
  • event search feature (see "Edit/Find...")
  • specify the foreground/background colors of an event
  • specify whether to draw a border around an event
    • see the "Display" tab in the event editor
  • e-mail body filled in with event information
  • optional command line argument to specify location of data file
  • improved autoback feature; rotates through 10 backup copies
  • keyboard shortcut to hide window to task tray (Ctrl + H)
  • selected date moved to current date at midnight
  • Palm conduit improvement: toggle in/out an alternate conduit
    • allows syncing your Palm with second conduit, such as Palm Desktop
  • bug fix: fixed printing when printer name was longer than 32 characters

March 6, 2002 version 3.1:

  • support for "timed" scheduled events
  • more space for recording comments

January 11, 2002 version 3.0:

  • support for optional add-on: "Remind-Me Conduit for Palm"
    • synchronize your Remind-Me calendar with your Palm Pilot
  • improved flexibility for repeating events
    • repeat every X years option
    • remove particular occurrences
  • background color of calendar is adjustable
    • see "File/Options.../Other"
  • option to purge completed events over X days old
    • see "File/Options.../Other"
  • time controls display based on user's regional settings
  • automatic data backup on exit
  • option to print in black and white for color printers
  • events on same calendar day are displayed sorted by time

November 10, 2001 version 2.4:

  • bug fix - scheduled monthly event repeating >1 months not always correct
  • "Shop Online" button removed from alarm dialog

April 14, 2001 version 2.3:

  • bug fix - time could be off by an hour for 1 week after DST

December 6, 2000 version 2.2:

  • bug fix relating to scheduled events and leap years

December 5, 2000 version 2.1:

  • bug fix relating to scheduled events and leap years

May 15, 2000 version 2.0:

  • greatly improved flexibility for scheduled events
  • option to launch another program when an alarm is due
  • capability to add/edit/delete holidays
  • list view improvements
    • column being sorted by has an arrow in its header
    • re-order columns by dragging them to their new position
  • convenient forward and backward buttons in the calendar header
  • option to control default acknowledgement state of arrived events
  • event comments displayed in status bar when highlighted
  • convenient "Shopping" button added to alarm dialog brings up your browser
  • other miscellaneous improvements

September 18, 1999 version 1.8:

  • bug fix, minimized main window causes alarm dialog to not display properly

June 13, 1999 version 1.7:

  • "Test" button in event editor on e-mail tab
  • added support for MAPI e-mail profiles
  • default new event type is same as last added
  • removed display of "Current Age" field for Holidays and Scheduled Events
  • bug fixes
    • changing font error
    • bad subject in scheduled event e-mail
    • Secretaries' Day calculation

January 30, 1999 version 1.6:

  • uses date format specified in Window's regional settings
  • bug fix for "Days Until" calculation

December 8, 1998 version 1.5:

  • fixed bug where time alarm only events could sometimes not be displayed
  • added keyboard shortcut to reset all acknowledgments

November 24, 1998 version 1.4 (skipped 1.3):

  • prevents multiple instances from running at the same time
  • bug fixes
    • quit after startup option wasn't working
    • end date check for scheduled events not properly initialized

October 3, 1998 version 1.2:

  • added more keyboard shortcuts
  • bug fixes

September 12, 1998 version 1.1:

  • fixed bug with Sound Recorder window position under Win98

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